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Alan Bisseker ASCC CSCS

Founder Alan Bisseker has been a professional strength and conditioning coach for 8 years. Accredited by the UKSCA & NSCA, he works with elite and pro athletes across multiple sports, including the GB Cycling Team, various Olympians and the FA.

Alan also works privately with a number of professional surfers such as Luke Dillon and Lucy Campbell.

He’s a proud Devonian and all-round good guy. The kind of bloke you can trust to tell you what to eat, how to train and the optimum way to prepare a scone (cream first, always!).

But while Alan works with professional athletes, he’s a full-time working dad, exiled in Manchester. Which, if you’re rubbish at geography, has absolutely no coastline. He surfs when he can and is the very definition of a ‘landlocked surfer’ and a ‘weekend warrior’.

So, he totally gets it.


All our programmes are shaped by an absolute love of these sports, and proven scientific methods, used by pros at the top of their game.


Unlike some trainers, we have total credibility and years of experience. Our approach is transparent, open and totally focussed on the real world results you see when you get out there.


We want to give you the benefits of highly supported 1:1 training, for a fraction of the price. So you can take your performance to the next level, without needing to do the same to your salary.



We carry out our sports in beautiful, dynamic environments, and we also care deeply about keeping them that way. As a business, we’re as sustainable as we can be, and we do whatever we can to promote good stewardship, and to combat pollution, erosion and planetary disrespect of all kinds.  We also donate a proportion of our profits to Surfers Against Sewage.


Got a question? Hopefully we can answer it here.

Well, in pretty much every conceivable way. The entire programme is based on proven science, and written by a trained coach who has proven that science on leading professional athletes. It’s also tailored around your needs, and the location you prefer to train, and because it’s a rolling programme you’ll never reach the end – there will always be fresh updates to keep your mojo lit. What’s more, there’s one to one support available from your coach when you need it and even a money back guarantee…but we’re confident you won’t need that.
If you want to be a better surfer, and make sure you never feel like you’re off your game when you find time to hit the water, then this programme is for you.
The programme is based around two CORE training days and one OPTIONAL strength session every week. So even if your schedule isn’t playing ball some weeks, you should still be able to stay on top of things and keep progressing.
Yeah! Every aspect of the programme can be selected and prioritised based on your experience, body and goals. Like an irresistible à la carte menu of surfing delicacies.
You can email your coach with questions any time, or to arrange a one to one video call.
‘Landlocked Surfer’ is really thorough and covers every aspecy of the mobility and conditioning you need to be the best possible surfer. But it’s all fully tailored around your goals, so if there’s another kind of training you want to integrate then just ask your coach about the best way to do that.

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Functional Training for surfing

Don’t get sucked in by ‘functional training’. Think about why you’re doing an exercise / using a particular method and what you’re actually trying to achieve.