Calling all landlocked surfers!

Get stronger & catch more waves!

Our Surf Strength Training Programmes are designed to help you build & maintain the core physical attributes you need to get the most from every surf all year round. 

So when you get out, you can get the absolute most out of it. 

perfect for landlocked surfers!


Gimmick-Free Strength Training For Surfers.

Developed by a professional Strength Coach, discover the ONLY performance-led strength & conditioning solution for surfers that cuts through the noise and misinformation around strength training. 

Whether you prefer to train at home or in the gym, we have the right programme for you.


gym edition

$27 Per Month

Or around £23 per month

A masterclass in physical preparation for surfing.  

Created by a coach working with gold medallists.  If you want to be stronger, fitter, faster & more robust, this programme is designed for you.  

So when you get out, you can catch more waves and stay in the water longer.


home edition


Or around £23 per month

Don’t let your surfing suffer just because you don’t have access to a gym.  

Using all of the science-led data & programming from our gym edition, this programme adopts the key principles of our training philosophy to use at home.  

Maximise your surfing without a dumbbell or squat rack in sight.

“Adrenaline Athlete has been a critical part of my surfing progression. Particularly as a landlocked surfer. I’m actually amazed at how much my strength and mobility have improved… And the community of other surfers on the app is really supportive. Love it!”

Angie, Landlocked Surfer

Key Features

Direct access to your coach

A supportive online community

Expert instruction & feedback

250 detailed exercise videos

Programming 5 days per week

Delivered through TrainHeroic

Together we


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What are you waiting for?

If you want to CATCH MORE WAVES in 2022, you need to be STRONG.

More elite & World Tour surfers are strength training, year-round.

Why? Because it actually WORKS.

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