Accelerate your surfing.  Work 1-on-1 with a strength coach who trains 

professional athletes & surfers.


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make 2022
the year you finally crack it!

This completely personalised service is reserved for the committed surfer who is serious about their physical development and accelerating their progress in the water.  

You will receive exactly the same level of undivided attention and support that Alan provides to his elite athletes.  He will leave no stone unturned in developing you as an athlete and a surfer!

What You Get

Price: £160 / $180 (US) per month

I’ve been working with Alan for 3 months now,

I am absolutely loving my program and the ways in which we can be flexible and adapt it for when I’m away from the gym too.

Alan’s passion and depth of knowledge is incredible and he responds so quickly to any questions or queries.

Lucy, Pro Surfer

What real surfers think about

working with alan


your coach

Alan Bisseker ASCC CSCS

Founder Alan Bisseker has been a professional strength and conditioning coach for 8 years. 

Accredited by the UKSCA & NSCA, he works with elite athletes across multiple sports – including gold medallists, world champions and many pro surfers

Based in the UK, he surfs as much as he can in his free time!

Alan knows HIS stuff

I am a professional strength coach

I'm an experienced pro strength coach, working with some of the most talented athletes in the world...and an all-round good guy!

I focus 100% on your Results

Otherwise, why would you pay me? Each cycle we identify your objectives, achieve them, review how we got there - then go again!

I will help you Become a Technical master & movement ninja

There is a HUGE focus on technical development when working with me. Master technical lifts and develop your movement quality with expert coaching.

I will provide you with evidence-based, transferable training

No gimmicks, just performance focussed programming designed with the sole purpose of improving YOUR surfing (and movement quality)

Together we


how to apply

Tell me about yourself.  Fill in the below application form and I’ll be in touch to set up a call.

There are only 8 spots available.

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Want to catch more waves?

Train 1:1 with Alan

Apply now to work with Alan and you will get:


Experienced gym-goer or newbie, time-crunched working parent or pro-surfer - your programme is completely personalised to you & your lifestyle.

Weekly CHECK-INs & Reviews

Each week we'll review how your training is going. Are we on track? What's going well and what might need tweaking? You'll never stagnate or get bored.


I would run over hot coals for my athletes! I will be in regular contact to provide feedback, support you...and sometimes give you a nudge!

everything you need in one APP

All sessions are accessed via an easy-to-use app; including key instructions, detailed coaching points and instructional videos. Coach feedback is also provided in-app.

What are you waiting for?

If you want to CATCH MORE WAVES & ACCELERATE YOUR SURFING in the water, you need to train SMART on land. 

Work directly with Alan and make 2022 your best year in the water yet. 

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