Surf Strength Coach

Meet Your Surf Strength Training Coach - Alan!

Hi, I’m Alan!

I’m the founder of Adrenaline Athlete and have been a professional strength & conditioning coach for 8 years.  I work within elite sport with professional athletes across multiple sports including surfing.

Working with professional athletes (including pro surfers)

I’m privileged to be in a position where I have enjoyed success working alongside multiple gold medallists, World and European champions, the Great Britain Cycling Team and Football Association – as well as other athletes across multiple different sports from my own little private facility in Manchester, UK. 

I have also worked privately with a number of surfers such as Luke Dillon and Lucy Campbell.

I'm from Devon & LOVE surfing.

As a proud Devonian, I’m also a keen (but distinctly average) surfer. 

You may already know this but I feel pretty strongly about the ‘correct / Devonshire’ way to prepare a scone.  Cream first, jam second.

there is a lot of confusing information out there

Returning to the sport I love after 8 years, it’s pretty clear to me that there is a widespread misunderstanding of exactly what is required to prepare for surfing, particularly if (like me) you can only get in the water 1-2 times per month.

Every wave counts for surfers. 

The thing is most surfers either don’t know how to prepare.   Or they are being told to train incorrectly.

This is partly due to well-marketed but completely inadequate programming. 

Or the fact there is just too much information out there for people to make any sense of.

I want to cut through all the noise & BS out there. 

I keep things simple.  I follow the exact processes I would use when preparing an elite athlete. 

I deliver guidance and programming that is science-led.

My programming is tested in the real world and it works...

Tested in the real world, most importantly my programming works!

So, if you are looking for useful and actionable training insights that do not involve rolling around in boardies on the beach, you’re in the right place!

Work With Surf Strength Coach - Alan!

How can I work with him?
The question I hope you are all asking! 
There are two ways you can work with me. You can either:

  • Join STRONG SURF CLUB ($27 per month)
  • Sign up for ELITE 1:1 COACHING (£160 per month)

Scroll down to find out a little bit more about both options…

ThE 'Train like a Pro surfer' package

If you want a more bespoke package, this is for you.
£ 160 Monthly
  • Undivided attention & support from a coach who trains gold medallists & pro surfers
  • Evidence-based, bespoke programming - 100% designed around your goals (and test results)
  • Detailed video feedback to help you master technical lifts & key movements
  • Access 250+ instructional videos, with detailed coaching points
  • And much much more!


If you want to feel fitter and faster while paddling, get stronger and catch more waves, this is for you.
$ 27 Monthly
  • An easy to follow program delivered via an app
  • Extensive library of strength training videos specifically for surfers
  • Detailed video feedback to help you master technical lifts & key movements
  • Gym and home editions



Don’t allow a lack of mobility to limit your surfing, or your life! ‘The Surfing Mobility Manual’ was written by a coach working in professional sport. 

“Adrenaline Athlete was a complete game changer. Alan’s approach is so professional and not at all overwhelming…I’ve never felt so energised and confident in the line up and it’s all down to hard work and the correct guidance from Alan.” 

Chris / Longboarder