Pro surfer, current English champ and proud cornishman, Luke Dillon

Let me introduce you to pro surfer, current English champ and proud cornishman, Luke Dillon.

Despite the fact he puts jam on a scone before clotted cream (which is ludicrous to me), I still invited him up to my gym near Manchester for some testing.


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The above video provides a few clips of some of the tests we ran (I forgot to film most of it!).

The purpose of the testing was to assess Luke’s physical performance against normative data for CT level surfers, which any coach or practitioner has access to thanks to the likes of @sheppardcoach and @farley_perfromance_training. Among others, these guys really set the bar high when it came to physical development (and monitoring) in competitive surfing 👏🏼

In time we will have our own internal benchmarks (for Luke and multiple others) which will definitely surpass current normative data. This is to make sure we align with the direction in which surfing is headed, particularly now it is an #olympic sport and there is an increasing uptake in credible strength and conditioning methods – which will lead to an increase in physical performance across the board. More on that in future posts.

In the meantime, it’s so useful to be able to draw upon reliable external data – which Luke compares very favourably with!

Luke either met or exceeded the mean values for several of the tests we ran in the videos 👌🏽

He has a high baseline and minimal training experience, on account that he’s never really trained in the gym with any degree of purpose or structure – so there’s huge potential for physical development 📈

That combined with being one of the most technically gifted surfers in the land could well add up to an exciting season!




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