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We know how it is: the love you have for your sport knows no bounds. But the time you have to enjoy it? Not so much. That’s how it is for most of us, and it doesn’t mean that you have to let your training slide when life gets in the way of getting out. Whether you just want a bit of structure, or dedicated support from an professional strength coach - Adrenaline Athlete will help you to build and maintain the core physical attributes you need to get the most from every single surf, all year round. So when you can get out, you get the absolute most out of it.


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Strong surf club
GYM or at Home

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Our affordable membership option provides structured training for surfers of any ability. Choose between Home and Gym Edition.  Access weekly, evidence-based programming for strength, conditioning and mobility.  Specifically designed to support every aspect of surfing performance – from paddling endurance to landing aerials! 

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Elite 1:1 Coaching
Train like a pro!

Elite 1:1 Coaching

This completely personalised service is reserved for the committed surfer.  Work directly with Alan, a professional strength and conditioning coach. Receive the same level of undivided attention he provides his pro athletes.  Alan will leave no stone unturned in developing you as a surfer!

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These are the KEY FEATURES of our Strength Training Programmes for surfers:

Direct access to your coach

supportive online community

Expert instruction & feedback

250 detailed exercise videos

Programming built around you




All our surf strength training programmes are written and delivered by founder Alan Bisseker, a professional strength and conditioning coach working in professional sport. He created Adrenaline Athlete to give weekend warriors access to the kind of highly focussed strength training that pros use to stay at the top of their game.

No gimmicks, just effective training

Most ‘sport-specific’ training is not fit-for purpose, relying on complex and ineffective exercises with minimal transfer to your chosen sport. Adrenaline Athlete cuts through the BS, giving you tailored and effective weekly programming specifically designed to help you get better at your sport. Zero fluff. Proper results.

Feel part of a community

Feel fully supported on your journey to becoming a better athlete, with direct access to an elite coach. Adrenaline Athlete is a community, so you’ll be able to connect with other people who are as passionate as you are about your sport and the process of getting better.

It’s all about the results, baby

Our surf strength training programmes make sure you’ll see and feel a difference when you get out on the surf.

Science-led and tested on athletes

All our programmes are grounded in science and based on years of experience honed working with elite pros – including gold medallists and World Champions. Every element of our programming is researched with painstaking attention to detail and perfected on professional athletes first, so they actually work.

Here’s the real


We believe in giving high value compared to other sport-specific programmes. And we want you to love it. So if you’re not feeling it, you’ll get your money back within 30 days guaranteed, no quibbling.

Together we



Walk into any gym and you will see different types of deadlift being used, or even the same lift being executed differently …


Get Stronger & CATCH MORE WAVES! FIND YOUR SURF FITNESS COACH! Don’t let a lack of fitness and strength stop you surfing …

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Strong surf club
GYM & Home Editions

Strong surf Club
£27 Per Month

This masterclass in physical preparation for surfing has been created specifically for every thirsty surfer whose life or location means they spend more time dreaming about waves than catching them.  If you want to be stronger, fitter, faster & more robust, so when you do get out you catch every wave you paddle for & stay in the water longer – this is designed for you. Choose the home or gym edition.

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Elite 1:1 Coaching
Train like a pro!

Elite 1:1 Coaching
£160 Per Month

If you want to CATCH MORE WAVES & ACCELERATE YOUR SURFING in the water, you need to train SMART on land. 

Work directly with Alan and make 2022 your best year in the water yet. 

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Don’t allow a lack of mobility to limit your surfing, or your life! ‘The Surfing Mobility Manual’ was written by a coach working in professional sport. 

“Adrenaline Athlete was a complete game changer. Alan’s approach is so professional and not at all overwhelming…I’ve never felt so energised and confident in the line up and it’s all down to hard work and the correct guidance from Alan.” 

Chris / Longboarder